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#Anti-return Tripod Turnstile-Unique Design that superior to else suppliers

1.Rotating mode: magnetic lock, push the tripod with auxiliary force,passengers can walk in their pace and with smooth pass, even though there are some blocking during passing, the tripod can stop at any rotating angle and hence keep passenger safe.

2. Hydraulic Buffer: decrease the vibration during rotating,keep smooth and steady running

3.Durability:With mechanism positioning and rotation, near zero failure rate,MCBF up to 5Million times

4.Maintenance free: with mechanism positioning and rotation,we minimize the electronic control parts and hence with super low cost and easy maintenance/maintenance free. Even non-professionals can handle the maintenance.

5.Clear wiring for easy maintenance: we marked every cable with codes that easy for wiring connection,nonengineering professional knowledge required. While other suppliers are with mess wiring that cost a lot of communication costs/support time.

6.We adopt the same rotating theory as brand name products, say, Gunnebo,KABA,Automatic-systems,Hitachi,etc. and with very competitive cost.

7.Good quality guarantee with big government project experience, Second to none 2 years warranty on Mechanism compare with other Chinese supplier.

8.Unique 60 degree anti-return mechanism design, prevent tailgate. When people with access to pass, he walk forward to 60degree, he could not walk back.While other suppliers are only with 120 degree rotation, people can walk through by 60 degree then push back for the following passenger tailgate

By ATB R&D Report

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