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ATB License Plate Recognition  

Bring you fast experience of  parking



    ATB License Plate Recognition System

Camera parking management system adopts integrated barrier gate to achieve high efficient in entrance/exit management.

The smart barrier is integrated with vehicle license plate recognition HD camera, flashing light, VMS, auto barrier, controller machine, parking management software, etc. With simple hardware combining the smart software, to realize non-stop at the entrance/exit.

Basic Function

1.Camera Entrance/Exit Management:

The smart gate can automatically scan the vehicle license plate, then let go the vehicle.

2.Parking Fee Collection Management:

Under man power collection, computers or Pad(mobile) will be used. If installed with auto-pay machine, drivers can pay on it 

before getting to the exit, realizing non-stop at the exit.


  • 98+% recognition rate

  • Dual LRP camera

  • HD stream video, 25 pic per second

  • Ticketless, plate NO. as the virtual ticket

  • Fast in and out, improved vehicle rotation

  • Hot standby system for all time operation

  • Dual LRP camera for backup

  • Remote gate opening

  • Optional intercom system

  • HD video record of the vehicle

  • Data storage for 30 days for enforcement needs


Currently support countries: United States, European Union, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.













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