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ATB ZPark Revenue Control Systems   

Bring your parking management into next level



    ATB Paid Parking Management System


       By combining state-of-the-art software solutions with revolutionary design, we strive to keep our global position as market leader in parking management systems.

Designed for all markets with both the customer and manager in mind, Zpark is highly user-friendly while providing superior control and money collection features.










         Zpark is fully IP enabled and equiped with the most recent electronic paiment facilities for customer satisfaction



Enter a new era of Parking Revenue Control with the ATB-APS3000 Automatic  Pay Station


The Automatic Pay Station is designed to provide automated revenue collection to parking facilities equipped with the Z-Pay parking management system.

The Pay-Lane can be used in conjunction with the Lane controller and cashier stations. It will report revenue and status related information to the Pay-lane management computer.

Payment of parking fees is facilitated by cash payment in coins and banknotes. In addition, cashless payment by credit cards or national cash cards can be provided.

By standard, parking tickets are identified by means of an advanced proximity card reading.



•    Computer:  Industrial PC (1.5GHz Pentium Processor, 512MB RAM)

•    Display: 7” TFT (resolution 1024x768, 400cd/m

•    Barcode Reader (optional)

•    Thermal  Printer:  Prints  tickets,  receipts  and  reports (Optional:  separate  Parking  ticket


•    Intercom:  TCP/IP based module with speaker and microphone (Optional)

•    Network:  Standard TCP/IP

•    GUI:  Multi-language customer guidance (configurable)

•    Cards:  Integrated  mifare (ISO14443A)  card  reader  or  EM  based  proximity  card  reader


Certified EMV II Solution for Credit Card payments (Option).

•    Coin  System:  Recycles  4  coin  values  (hoppers  with  a  capacity  of  up  to  1000 coins),

coinbox for non recycled coin values and hopper full condition.

•    Bank  notes:  Accepts  4  denominations (options:  accept  up  to 16  notes,  recycle 3x130

notes),max banknote storage up to 2500pcs.

c/w recycle function [Recycle USD1.00, USD5.00, and USD10.00, can be optional]

*  Case: Galvanized Steel (3mm) and acrylic plate.

*  Powder coating, Black, yellow

              (Option: Stainless steel)


*  Main Power: 100/120, 220/240 VAC 10%, 50/60Hz Consumption: 200W (300W with optional heater) Ambient: -20C ~ +60C

     (-40C~ +60C with heater and thermal lamination)
*   10~90% RH (non-condensing)

*   Net Weight: 220kg

                    Dimensions: 170*45*65cm (H*D*W)


Designed  for Parking control at the entrance and exits of parking facilities  ranging from small car parks to large multi-site installations.

The Z-Lane provides all functions such as ticket dispensing, ticket verifying and card reading, as are required in a car park environment.

The Lane Controller provides a modular hardware and software platform and can be configured to meet any requirements as might be encountered in current car park environment.

By standard, advanced barcode technology is used for identification of short term parking tickets as well as season passes.



Computer: Industrial PC (1.5GHz Pentium Processor, 512MB RAM) Display: 4” TFT (resolution 320x240, 500cd/m?

Ticket Reader: Barcode scanner

Ticket Printer: Thermal printer (Entrance only).

Supports carton tickets (54 x 85mm, 170g/m2max)

Intercom: TCP/IP based module with speaker and microphone (Optional) Network: Standard TCP/IP

Season Cards: Mifare (ISO14443A) card reader or EM based proximity card reader. Integrated or external long range reader (Optional)


Case: Iron, powder coating   safety glass

Main Power: 100/120, 220/240 VAC 10%,
50/60 Hz with grounding

Consumption: 150W (250W with optional heater)
Ambient: -10C ~ +60C

(-40C ~ +60C with heater and thermal lamination) 10~90% RH (non-condensing)

Net Weight: 60 kg

Dimensions: 1276 (H) x 395 (W) x 440 (D) mm




Enter a new era of Parking Access Control with the AM-BG10 barrier gate.



• 1 sec Open/Close time

• Exclusive compact design

• Durable weather-resistant housing with double powder coating

• Microprocessor controlled logic board

• Dip-switch selectable operation modes

• Standard 3 meter rectangular arm,4-6 meter (optional)

• On-site changing for Left or Right hand movement

• Smooth, secure full 90?movement

• Up to 10.000 operations in 24 hours

• Constant movement cycle monitoring for motor safeguard

• Electronic movement control to Reverse or Stop in case of collision

• Remote control kit and wiring control kit



The BG10 barrier gates are especially developed for use in car parks with a high frequency of use. The wear-proof mechanical design allows a speedy, smooth and secure movement. ATB’s BG10 is suited for heavy-duty situations and will perform up to 10.000 cycles a day. Automatic reverse or stop is
selectable in case of contact with an object in the down movement. A microprocessor logic board, in
which all features are DIP switch selectable, fully controls the gate.

Easy installation is a feature, however, even this can be made simpler using the optional foundation frame.



• Folding Arm, 90degree folding,180degree folding

• Fence Arm

• Round Arm

• Plug-in Radio Remote Control

• Manual opening in case of power failure

• Electro-magnetic Arm Rest

• Arm movement warning light



Mains : 220V AC 50Hz

Power con. : 80W (ex. heater)

Connections : Din Rail screw terminals

Field Wiring: Numbered plug terminals   Dry contact inputs/outputs

12 V DC output

220/240 V AC output


Motor characteristics


Horsepower : 0.1 KW Motor

Heavy duty maintenance free gear reducer
Wear proof transmission parts

Tested for 10.000 cycles per day
Operating time 1 secs


Temp : -40  _ to 60_ C


Weatherproof (IP54) slim galvanized steel
Dim. : 36cm (W) x 30cm (D) x108cm (H)
Weight : 65Kg

Removable front door for easy access

Double Powder coating orange/yellow (Other RAL-colors on request)


Gate arm

Rectangular arm (100mm x 25mm x 3m)
Red/White Reflective

Easy changing from left to right hand movement
No-nonsense arm clamping/fixing

Easy tension adjustment to compensate for arm weight



Quick plug-in and operate installation

Detachable logic box for easy wiring and set-up
Status and Control LED’s on all features

Switch selectable operation mode : Test, Manual, Semi and Full automatic

Switch selectable features : Loop function, Photocell security, Time-out closing, Automatic Reverser


More available models

BG20: arm length 4m and open/close speed 3 sec.
BG30 arm length 5m and open/close speed 6 sec

Paper Ticketing Solutions or Mifare Card Solutions available:

ATB Parking Management software: We made your cash management easier

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