ATB Tech best wishes for Thanks Giving

Very best wishes for thanks giving, ATB Tech wishes all our friends and clients a loved and enjoy thanks giving. Thanks for all your kindly support that help us grow and win-win. ATB Tech, your reliable and win-win supplier of security turnstile gates, full height turnstiles,flap barriers,swing gates,etc

#Anti-return Tripod Turnstile-Unique Design that superior to else suppliers

1.Rotating mode: magnetic lock, push the tripod with auxiliary force,passengers can walk in their pace and with smooth pass, even though there are some blocking during passing, the tripod can stop at any rotating angle and hence keep passenger safe. 2. Hydraulic Buffer: decrease the vibration during rotating,keep smooth and steady running 3.Durability:With mechanism positioning and rotation, near zero failure rate,MCBF up to 5Million times 4.Maintenance free: with mechanism positioning and rotation,we minimize the electronic control parts and hence with super low cost and easy maintenance/maintenance free. Even non-professionals can handle the maintenance. 5.Clear wiring for easy maintenanc

Swing gates anti-collision technology design

Due to style diversity and wide lanes flexibility, swing gates are widely applied for different project requirements. But due to its blocking structures, swing gates are very often crashed by passengers, especially for bicycle, motor lanes that applied for outdoor. The crash strength will be passed to spindle and mechanism that greatly lead to damage to such critical parts. Traditional solutions To enhance the swing leaf or spindle intensity Defect for traditional solutions Could not avoid the impact on the mechanism, even though such improvement protect the swing leaf and spindle, but the mechanism might be damaged before swing leaf/spindle and increase the crash on the swing leaf or harm t

How to solve the problem of making an extra width lane turnstiles swing gates without compromise to

The limitation to a lane width is always the limitation to turnstile passages. The normal turnstile passage width can be only for small handrails,luggage, baby wheeler,etc. What are the factors that limit the turnstile width. According to our compare with different types of turnstiles gates’ blocking structures, we find out that swing gates are with most flexible and width adjustments for extra wide passages by extending the swing leaf. But there are also some problems arises for such extension for normal turnstiles. The passage length and housing also need to extend which will take up more footprints, and affects the aesthete The swing leaf will be heavier, the inertia will be larger that w

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