Optical flap barrier & Slinding Gates

The units in the flap barriers product range consist of a sensor-controlled passage with automatic door elements in various versions. They provide for convenient contactless passage, even with bags or luggage. The doors close again immediately once the person has passed through, preventing unauthorised passage. Depending on the way the door leaves open.


Sweeper Gate half-height sensor barriers

Tried-and-tested SG half-height speed barriers are equipped with swing doors and can be configured individually thanks to the wide range of materials and finishes. Choose between a stainless steel housing or transparent glass side walls to match the design of your entrance area. Two different lengths of unit are also available with various sensors, offering different levels of security.


FB Series half-height speed gates

FB half-height speed gates are equipped with different heights of sliding doors. Further features include the high-grade sensors and solid stainless steel housing. When a person passes through the system, the sliding panels move rapidly into the housing, permitting an extremely high frequency of passage.

Additional versions with an increased passage width (for FB) or automatic swing doors matched to the design (for HFB) provide a barrier-free solution.


Bellow are our hot sale models only, for more OEM/ODM style, just inquire from us or we help custom made upon receipt of your drawings,



ATB-FB50 Slinding Gates

ATB-FB50 Slinding Gates



ATB-FB40 Sliding Gates

ATB-FB40 Sliding Gates

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