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OEM/ODM Turnstile Gates

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tripod turnstile,waist height turnstile
Tripod Turnstiles
Elegant slim design speed gates,fast lanes,servo swing gates
Speed Gates
highly secured full height turnstiles,prison,stadium,school applications
Full height Turnstiles

Robust & cost performance tripod turnstile of multi style for your options.More>>

Quality &elegant design speed gates to meet your different application and security access control. More>>

Requirements in a company  airport prision etcor organisation demand tailored  full security and solutions. Convince yourself of the new ATB full height turnstile system. More>>



--Tripod machenism logo casting


--Brushed surface treatment,powder coating,etc


--Imported cold light illumintor for flap barrier,swing gates


--High visibility intuitive LED arrow indicator


--Heavy duty designed machenism


-- Full range of products including waist height turnstiles

fast lane,speed gates,full height turnstiles,sliding doors

slim lane,swing gates,rails,man gates,etc


--Find out a lot more differential detail with us...



Optical flap illuminations
glass illumination with imoorted cold light LED
Water proof craftmanship
RFID reader interface
turnstile details
surface treatment-industrial car painting level
#400 brushed surface treatment
high visible intuision indicator




Getting it right for you with our professional experience on security entry control


ATB Technology Co.,Limited specializes in products and solutions that protect assets and control the flow of vehicle & people. Our products have been installed globally with security access control , entrance control prooducts and integrated systems includs tripord turnstile,swing gate,flap barrier,

speed gates,parking management system, parking guidance system,etc.


Our products

Our products are built to last. It’s not uncommon to find ATB products in use for years and with loyal customers that buy from us

again and again.


Our people

We hire the right people, train them to focus on customer needs and enable our employees to act in the best interest of our customers.


Our service

We provide excellent service both prior to and after the sale. You can always reach a live customer service or technical support   representative to answer questions.



We design and manufacture most of our products in our manufacturing and distribution facility which is located in the In   the leading city of Shenzhen China that are with comprehensive sourcing,electronic tech,and covenient export harbour/ports near HK 


Ready to ship anywhere in the world

Modern manufacturing processes and ample inventory allow us to offer many product options as well as customized materials and finishes. We ship product all over the world with shortest lead times that are generally far faster than our competitors.


HID Reader and Honeywell Barcode Integrated Full automatic turnstile gates

August 27, 2016

Robust full automatic turnstile gates integrated with famous brand readers, HID reader, Honeywell Barcode for transportation ticketing systems. More detail videos,just feel free to contact us

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