Why Choose Speed Gates to Protect Office Buildings?

If you are looking for a way to increase security at the entrance of your building speed gates may be the solution you are looking for. These pedestrian access control systems are found in a variety of different buildings from stations and airports to government buildings and museums and come in a variety of designs and can often be customized to match the design of your building. The systems are designed to withstand high traffic areas and are both durable and reliable at effectively limiting unauthorized entry into your building. They do this through allowing some users direct access and limiting those without the required permissions, requiring them instead to be directed towards a recept

4 Must-knows/Considerations of Choosing a Pedestrian Access Control Solution

If you are thinking of installing turnstiles, speed gates or paddle gates at the entry and/or exit of your building then you will need to consider a range of different aspects to ensure that you end up with the right solution for your needs. If you select an inefficient pedestrian control system then unfortunately you may end up needing to replace or remove it altogether, which is a costly and unnecessary process. So what can you do to ensure this doesn't happen? Here's our tips. What to Consider Before Installing Turnstiles or Gates? Initially when you decide that you want to install a turnstile or gate system your attention will most likely be on the security, aesthetics and cost involved.

The History and Uses of Turnstile Gates

When you attend a football match, use a train station or visit an amusement park or visit clients in office buildings there is a high chance you will have to use a turnstile. While in the modern era their primary job is to limit entry to one person at a time, the original purpose of such gates was to allow people to pass from field to field, while keeping their livestock penned in. The Origins of Turnstiles Clarence Saunders, who founded the Piggly Wiggly chain of supermarkets in the early 20th century, is credited with being the first to install turnstile gates into his shops to help to avoid overcrowding and mass hysteria, as shoppers flocked to the world's first supermarket. The technique

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