AMADA laser cutting-ATB  metal workshop

AMADA laser cutting-ATB metal workshop

Lazer Cutting

ATB tripod turnstile gate stock

ATB tripod turnstile gate stock

Bridge type turn styles

Metal plate workshop scene

Metal plate workshop scene

Lazer cutting

Lazer cutting

Punching machine

Punching machine

Bending procedures-ATB factory with tripod tursntile housing bending machine

Bending procedures-ATB factory with tripod tursntile housing bending machine

stainless steel bending machine with high quality, fast and well bended metal plates for our turnstile housing.


Who we are


Founded in 2013 but already with years of experience with its founders, ATB is a privately held corporation that specializes in providing products and solutions that protect assets and control the flow of people&vehicles. Thousands of organizations across the globe use ATB products and integrated solutions. We’re a uniquely Chinese business that hires the right people, trains them to focus on customer needs and enables them to act in the best interests of our customers.


ATB sells products in the following business areas:


Secured Entry Control

Our Secured Entry Control manufactures half height turnstile,optical turnstiles,flap barrier, swing gates,handicaped swing gates, full height turnstiles, waist high turnstiles and various types of gates. Our products are sold and installed through a worldwide dealer network that is backed by our knowledgeable and responsive technical support personnel.



Sports and Entertainment

For over the years, leading sports and entertainment venues have relied on ATB for intelligent admission control solutions . Our turnstiles have been applied and resell to many projects globally. Representative customers include many of the stadiums applied with our hardware proudcts with some multi-national applied softwares.Our product get good recognition with those access control system integrators,installers.



Asset Protection and Crowd

Control ATB provides products that protect valuable assets in grocery, retail and warehouse environments. Our protection products protect valuable assets such as doors, refrigeration cases and roll-up warehouse doors and warehouse fixtures. Our crowd control group provides products that control pedestrian flow and retail traffic. Our modular railing, turnstile and gate products are highly useful tools to direct pedestrian and shopping cart traffic and reduce shrink in retail environments. ATB  has provided public entry products since its founding.

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Housing production process from laser cutting,bending,wielding,surface treatment,etc

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