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ATB-Tripod Turnstile Series

               Security and Crowd Control Applications


                                        Access control   |   Employee entrances   |   Public transit

                                         People counting   |   Visitor management

                                       Superior Construction


ATB TS Series (extended cabinet design) turnstiles are made with high quality components. Many of the turnstile’s internal parts are stainless steel. The turnstile arms rotate smoothly and self-center when returning to the home position. Available with logo casting on the rotating machenism on large quantity orders.


The ATB turnstile has an extended cabinet and longer rotating arms. This creates a wider passageway for users.


Key Features:

  • High quality galvanized internal components (optional with aluminium alloy )

  • Smooth turnstile arm rotation with automatic self-centering

  • Field configurable for single direction or bi-directional operation

  • NBF sleeved tripod arms avaialable


Added Benefits:

  • Designed for long term continuous usage

  • Single passage control

  • Easy to install and maintain

  • Great looking product, regardless of finish

  • Top quality service and support

  • Hinged lid allows for easy access for service and installation


         Ready to meet your needs



Unsurpassed entrance and flow control


ATB TS-S/F (semi-automatic/full automatic)Series waist high turnstiles come in both manual and electric lock control versions. The turnstiles come with standard features that are expensive options on competing products.

Electric turnstiles provide two way controls. They will operate with any access control system. The turnstiles can also be activated by any device that provides a dry contact output. When the turnstile receives a dry contact “unlock” signal, it will rotate once in the appropriate direction. After the turnstile rotates, the arms lock in the home position, ready for the next activation. The turnstiles operate in either fail-safe or fail lock mode.

The turnstile provides an output signal after the arms rotate. This signal notifies the access system that a passage has occurred. It can also serve as a count output for facility counting purposes. For counting applications, a digital counter can be installed in the turnstile cabinet.


Passage directions of both electric lock and manual turnstiles can be changed in the field with a key. Electrically controlled turnstiles can be changed from controlled passage to free passage.

Card readers integrate with the electric lock turnstiles. They can be attached to the top of the turnstile. Or they can be installed underneath the lid.



Key Features:

  • Electric lock control and manual models

  • Smooth, automatically self-centering rotation

  • Rugged controller integrates with any access control system (electric models)

  • Fail-safe or fail lock operation (electric models)

  • Suitable for counting applications (both versions)

  • Low maintenance

Added Benefits:

  • Extremely versatile and effective

  • Safe for users, minimizes banging and over-travel

  • Integrates easily with access control systems

  • Various options for patron counting

                                   Simplified integration


Employee Access and Visitor Management


Our waist high turnstiles will integrate easily with your building systems. Installation of card readers is quick and easy. The turnstiles have a dedicated fire system input. They also provide an output that can be used by the building system to verify rotation after activation. The ATB TS Series combination of features provides a very effective turnstile security solution.


Key Features:

  • Simplified integration to access control and visitor management systems

  • Flexible credential reader attachment options allows use of existing readers familiar to users

  • Dedicated fire input and various other available I/O

  • Override controls for operational flexibility

  • Easily change turnstile passage mode







Safety features you shouldn’t be without


Built-in Safety


The ATB TS series waist high turnstiles are secure and safe. An adjustable dampener slows and cushions the arm rotation preventing over travel. This allows the arms to relock in the “home” position after each passage. It also improves user comfort and safety.

In access control applications the TS series typically operates in fail-safe mode. When power is removed from the turnstile personnel can rotate the arms to exit. A drop arm version that provides a clear passageway when power is removed is available.


Key Features:

  • Adjustable dampener provides a safe, controlled rotation and self-centering arm rotation

  • Free egress in emergencies or loss of power

  • Drop-Arm option available to allow for clear passageway when power is removed




The ATB TS series waist high turnstiles are independently tested and certified with CE

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