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                        PGS Indoor


         We make parking faster and easier

Enhance parking management and offer the best possible service to your customers by swiftly guiding them to the free parking spaces with our Standard Parking Guidance System.

Our functional design allows operators to rapidly install the solution and start making the most of its capabilities.


Functional Design

  • Multi Occupation

  • 99.9% ultrasonic detection reliability

  • IP54 dust proof,metal housing+mirror acrylic

  • LED indicator

Plug & Play Installation

  • 1 M5 screw installation

  • Installation by trunk

  • With quick connector,plug and play save your installation time 

Solution benefits

  • Modular System: Adaptable to any parking facilities need. Set different status by changing the pilot light color (RBG)

  • Its detection reliability and its robustness (IP54) make Standard PGS the most reliable system in the market.

  • System indicators lights are LED, so the pilot lights are visible from any point of the parking facility.

  • With quick connectors plug and play

How does the Standard Parking Guidance Work?


The user will have signage at the entrance that will indicate how many parking spaces are available on each floor/ section.


Once the driver is in front of desired parking space and parks, the indicator turns red.


ParkManager Software controls the entire ATB smart parking guidance solutions and can be integrated with other 3rd party systems.


As the driver leaves the light indicator turns green displaying a free parking space.

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