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Swing gates anti-collision technology design

Due to style diversity and wide lanes flexibility, swing gates are widely applied for different project requirements. But due to its blocking structures, swing gates are very often crashed by passengers, especially for bicycle, motor lanes that applied for outdoor. The crash strength will be passed to spindle and mechanism that greatly lead to damage to such critical parts.

Traditional solutions

To enhance the swing leaf or spindle intensity

Defect for traditional solutions

Could not avoid the impact on the mechanism, even though such improvement protect the swing leaf and spindle, but the mechanism might be damaged before swing leaf/spindle and increase the crash on the swing leaf or harm to the passengers.

How we solve such problems?

ATB Tech newly developed a flexible swing leaf structure, via the self-buffer design that can effectively absorb the crashing strength and hence better protect the swing spindle and mechanism as well as the passing passengers.

How we realize such functions?

  1. The connect components are flexible design that can help absorb most of the crash strength, and return to normal position. So to speak, it is with auto-recovery functions.

  2. The connect components are also polar components, while facing the crash and to its limitation, say the swing leaf and spindle malposed, the alarm will be on to alert the on duty guard that for such info. The alarm will be off until the swing gate detects the malposed return to normal.

  3. The control board are with swift detecting programs for the crash or crashing angles, then it will enter protection mode. The PID control will adjust the motor operation frequency and current to promptly release the crash.

4.The swing gate driver mode,eg, motors, reducers are high quality imported brand products that are with high performance on the anti-crash functions.

By ATB Tech

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