Full Height Turnstil Gate - FHT-10

The ATB full-height turnstiles consist of several models whose design and industrialization have been given special attention in order to offer an extended anti-corrosion warranty period in hostile environments.
Their uniquely mechanical operation reduces the operating costs and makes them a long-term investment. They are mainly used outdoors to secure the perimeter of industrial sites, company car parks, sports complexes and harbor and airport installations.

FHT-10 main characteristics are :


. Reliability

. Rotating obstacle, fixed obstacle and frame in galvanized steel (painted or unfinished)

. Guaranteed corrosion resistance in hostile environments

. Robust mechanism, the result of  years' professional experience


. Ergonomics

. Smooth and progressive movements

. Simple operation, with user protection


. Security

. Access control : entry, exit or bi-directional

. Single-user throughput

. Anti-fraud

. Rotating obstacle : all-welded construction

. Anti-climbing structure

. Mechanical locking


. Modularity

. Multiple configurations of passage management: free, controlled, locked

. Compatible with all types of access control systems

. Noumerous options : obstacle in stainless steel, roof extensions, heel protectors...

. Design adapted to all perimeter access control environments


The principal market segments concerned by Automatic Systems' full-height turnstile FHT-10 are :


. Industries

. Sensitive sites : military, nuclear, pharmaceuticals, data processing centers...

. Sport, leisure and cultural centers

. Ports and harbor installations

. Airports




Passages / minute :15

Level of security :Medium

Obstacle height :2330 mm

Footprint(Length x Width x Height) :1540*1370*2330mm

Passage width :550 mm

Several modes of operation

Rotating obstacle

  • Markets & Solutions

  • Airports

  • Retail Data Centers

  • Corporate Headquarters

  • Healthcare Hotels 

  • Restaurants Public

  • Transportation

  • Manufacturing Education

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