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Highway Speed LED Display

Display size: 64*64CM

Digit size H*B: 55*21.3CM

Panel housing with poly-carbonate 

Can display Speed range in 3 colors, Red/Green/Yellow

With daytime/night-time automatic-brightness  adjustment function

Speed LED Display-ATB TECH.jpg

Technical Data

Working Voltage :220V±15%   , 50Hz

Capacity: 163w

Communication  Interface RS485

Life spam:100,000 hours

Luminance: ≥ 3000cd/m2

Housing Size:900*900 mm


Color:R&G, can display set speed range in 3 colors

Max Single Digit display:55(H)*21.3(B) CM


Brightness adjustable:

with 8 modes, adding automatic brightness sensor&controller fro automatic brightness adjustment for day time/night time

IP Rates:IP65

Ambient Temperature:-25℃~+65℃

Customized functions:

LED speed number display unit can blinking speed numbers as scheduled, LED system can be remote configuration, can display 3 digits, each digit size, 21.33*(H)55cm

Standard:ISO 9000 or ISO 9001 or ISO 14001

Speed Radar:

1.Wide wave mini radar SR500D

1. High sensitivity detection of moving vehicles >150 meters
2. Low power consumption (<1W) (typical value 12V @75mA)
3. Miniaturization only 5cm*5cm*2.2cm
4. Working power voltage DC 12V
5. Working frequency 24.150GHZ ISM frequency band
6, transmit power (EPIR): 18dBm
7. Support RS232 and RS485 output interface (9600bps)
8. Support the recognition of moving target (coming/going) direction
9. Speed measuring range 1km/h~250km/h
10. Speed measurement error is less than +/-1KM/h   


2.Flat- Narrow wave extra high accuracy speed radar NWSR3000D

Antenna type: Flat-type microstrip array antenna

Working frequency: 24.15GHz

Frequency deviation error: ≤ ±45 MHz

Antenna beam width: 4°×6°

Transmitting power: 5mw

Working temperature is greater than: -20℃~+60℃

Operating humidity range: 5%RH~95%RH

Speed measurement range: conventional version (1~250) km/h, low speed customized version (0.1~50) km/h

Accuracy of speed measurement: conventional version 1km/h, low speed customized version 0.1km/h

Response time: 26ms

Direction information: Yes

Power supply: 12VDC

Power consumption: ≤2.5W


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