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Cylinder Glass Gate

               Security and crowd control applications


                                        Handicapped entries | Employee entrances | Material deliveries


                                       Designed for accessibility


The CGG is a highly attractive product. The moving panel is crystal clear cast acrylic/tempering glass that is available in two heights.


Key Features:

  • 36″ clear opening or greater if installed in tandem

  • Crystal clear moving panel available in two panel heights

  • Passage width designed to allow for special needs access

  •  Panel can be etched with customer supplied logo or artwork

  • For use indoors

  • Standard DN168mm housing, extra slim DN108mm unique housing available


Added Benefits:

  • Finish matches ATB optical turnstiles

  • Available panel heights match low and mid panel heights

  • Easy to install and maintain


         Ready to meet your operational requirements



Versatile to meet access and operational requirements


The CGG motorized pedestrian gate provides a clear 36” opening width. To provide further operational flexibility, two CGG gates can be installed in tandem, effectively doubling the clear passage width to 72”.  Each panel is driven by a powerful brushless DC motor with closed loop control to monitor position every 1/1000 of a second, providing smooth, quiet and precise movement.

The CGG is designed to operate in conjunction with an access control system or any device that can provide a dry contact output (such as a push button). The gate can open in one direction, or it can open in both directions for controlled in and controlled out applications.



Key Features:

  • 36” opening width for single gate

  • 72” opening width for tandem gate set

  • Single direction operation or bi-directional operation

  • Brushless DC motor using closed loop position control

  • Alarm activation if gate is forced open without receipt of open signal

  • Anti-collision fuction wheareas it keeps normal working even after force push by rude passing

  • Speed adjustable


Added Benefits:

  • Passage widths to meet most operational requirements

  • Audible alarms notify nearby staff of an intrusion attempt

  • Versatile to meet access requirements

  • Smooth and precise operation

  • Easy configuration and implementation

  • Small footprint with more flexible installation

                                   Simplified integration


Access and Visitor Management


Integrating the CGG into your facility is quick and easy. The pedestrian gate integrates with virtually any access control or visitor management system or a simple push button. A dedicated fire system input is provided and an output is available when the gate is forced open without authorization.

Due to the compact design, it is not possible to attach card readers to the CGG tower. Card readers are normally located on a wall or pedestal in front of the gate.


Key Features:

  • Simplified integration to access control and visitor management systems

  • Dedicated fire input







Safety features you shouldn’t be without


Built-in Safety


The CGG opens smoothly based on an activation signal without requiring the user to touch the gate. The dwell time (length of time the gate stays open) is configurable. Should the gate panel impact an obstruction during the opening or closing cycle, the intelligent drive system senses the impact and stops motion until the obstruction is removed. A dedicated fire system input is provided which, when received, causes the gate to open and remain open in the exit direction. Upon loss of power, the CGG waist high pedestrian gate panel can be moved freely with very minimal force.


Key Features:

  • No touch opening and closing

  • Impact detection

  • Minimal force required to force open

  • Simple integration with fire systems

  • Full 36″ opening for unrestricted passage




The ATB CGG series waist high turnstiles are independently tested and certified with CE

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