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                       What does it mean
to be a "smart city"?



Enhance outdoor parking management thanks to ATB’s Outdoor Parking Guidance System.

The occupancy data collected by sensors is automatically fed to display signs located strategically within the parking facility to provide drivers with real-time data on the number of open spaces available in each area.


Drivers spend an average of 20 minutes in pursuit of a coveted spot
30% of gasoline is wasted in this manner
27% of drivers have been involved in an argument with a fellow driver over a parking space
45% of drivers say that traffic increase their stress level

Drivers spend 6.5 minutes looking for a free parking space in smart cities


30% of traffic in cities is caused by drivers searching for a parking space
60% of CO2 is generated by private cars 
Drivers generate 7 metric tons of CO2 every day while looking for a parking space

Drivers generate 4.9 metric tons of CO2 per day in smart cities


50% of all drivers get so frustrated that they give up looking for a parking
space and simply go somewhere else 
Europe's losses due to traffic delays equal €150 billion per year

Sales tax revenue rises in smart cities by 22% compared to a
15% increase in all other areas

Manageable Chaos

On average, 13% of parking employees' working time is wasted or spent with low productivity
due to a lack of data transparency and automation in the management of the parking ecosystem.
A key obstacle has always been the inability to have all processes running through one platform,
to have them linked and coordinated with each other.

Smart cities can make correct management decisions quickly, efficiently,
and accurately based on one platform. 

Limited Resources

The average cost to built a new parking space in a commercial area is $20,000.
This could be a challenging investment for a city's economy in terms of ROI;
top-of-the-line CAPEX would impact the investment opportunity as well.

It takes three years to reach the ROI target of a smart city solution

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