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The Musts for turnstile gates maintenance

Daily Maintenance:

Turnstile need professional for daily cleaning/periodically maintenance to make sure of a long term and stable running and hence prolong its life spam.

1.Maintenance Content

*Clean the housing and reader panel

*Add lubricating oil to internal structures and fasten any loosen parts if there is any

*PCB board dust cleaning

* Check the wiring connections/joints, make sure the connection is good

2.Maintenance Method

* cleaning: check the housing/reader panel clean or not, clean the dust or dirty things.

* Rust cleaning: check the movement parts of the turnstile, if there are any rusting situation,clean the dust with sand paper then add anti-rust oil

* Screws fastening: check the movement parts, if there are any loosen screws,fasten it for better and long term operation.

* PCB board cleaning: Cut off the power before doing this step,clean the PCB with brush

* Wiring check: check the connecting points of wiring, weld the loosen wiring connections if there is any.

Reminders: The equipment is relevant high technology product,except for the daily maintenance, please do not disassemble it. Contact our service professionals for support/instruction to avoid damage of the equipment and hence avoid your lost.google962af0d34a3413f7.html


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